Established to Protect Western Waters from
Aquatic Invasive Species Threats.


Industry Outreach Project 


In partnership with the Missoula County Weed District, the UCinitiated an industry outreach project in 2019 to engage and connect with aquatic-based businesses throughout the Upper Columbia Basin. In 2020 and 2021, we have the great opportunity to continue and improve that project with the assistance of a Big Sky Watershed Corps (AmeriCorps) member leading the work. Our BSWC corps member meets with over 120 businesses in the Upper Columbia River Basin, ranging from marinas and boat shops, angling shops and guiding services, to commercial outdoor retailers, creating and strengthening partnerships while spreading knowledge on AIS. We will be continuing this project in 2022. 

View the 2020 UC3 Industry Outreach Final Review


Upper Columbia Lakes Network

In partnership with the Whitefish Lake Institute, UCoversees the Upper Columbia Lakes Network (UCLN) monitoring contract to expand the existing AIS citizen science monitoring network. The UCLN provides an opportunity to engage lake groups and citizens in long-term water quality stewardship. The program aims to incorporate new partner groups, add to the volunteer base, and allow more high priority lakes that are not currently sampled to be monitored. The UCLN identifies interested groups within the region, provides equipment, and offers training for AIS monitoring and decontamination protocols.