Invasive species harm our lands, waters and native species.

Educator Resources

By introducing young people to invasive species and their impacts, we have a better chance at preventing them and minimizing their spread in the future. Here you can find a variety of resources and curricula designed to make youth aware of invasive species and turn that awareness into take action.

Montana Invasive Species Education (MISE)

As part of Agriculture in the Classroom, the Montana Invasive Species Education (MISE) project is a K-8 educational curricula aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness about invasive species that are and can be detrimental to Montana’s agriculture, recreation/tourism industry, the economy and our environment. Target grades are 6-8 for the lesson plans but can be adapted for younger or older classes.

  • The original packet included 27 species that various MT agencies felt were important for the youth of MT to know about.
  • Updated in 2020, MISE was revised to include eight new species: white-nose syndrome (which affect bats), 3 species of invasive grasses (including Medusahead and ventenata (two species most recently added to the state noxious weed list), 3 species of invasive trees and feral swine, and new curriculum.
  • Updated curricula now features 35 invasive species MT is concerned about.

To request a MISE packet or updated materials to augment an existing packet, contact Liz Lodman, Montana Invasive Species Council coordinator at or Shantell Frame-Martin, MT Noxious Weed Education Campaign at

Aquatic Invasive Species Education

Other resources: