Invasive species harm our lands, waters and native species.

Invasive Species Field Guides

Montana Field Guide

The Montana Field Guide now includes species identification, impacts and distribution of invasive species statewide.

Crown Managers Partnership Aquatic Invasive Species Guide

The Crown Managers Partnership, in collaboration with other partners, produced a guide of the aquatic invasive species that pose the greatest threats to the waters of the Crown of the Continent.

Crown Managers Partnership Terrestrial Invasive Species Guide

In 2005 terrestrial invasive species was the Crown Managers Partnership Forum topic. The Invasive Plants of the Crown of the Continent field guide was a deliverable that came out of the 2005 Forum and has been shared widely throughout the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem.

Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee Aquatic Invasive Species Pocket Guide

The Greater Yellowstone Area Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Cooperative formed to prevent and control infestations of AIS in Greater Yellowstone waters. The Cooperative includes representatives from federal, state, and county agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses.