Protect Montana from feral swine.

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Protect Montana from feral swine.




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Lloyd Loope, U.S. Geological Survey,

Feral swine are highly destructive and potentially dangerous animals. Biologists describe feral swine as any swine not confined in fences. Their spread is blamed for an estimated $1.5 billion worth of damage to crops, wildlife, and the environment. These swine can carry over 30 diseases and parasites that pose a threat to livestock and humans, including swine brucellosis and pseudorabies.

Feral swine tend to forage in areas around rivers and streams, and their trampling and destructive rooting behavior - often compared to rototilling - causes erosion, spread of noxious weeds, loss of crops, and harm to fish habitat. To prevent the introduction of feral swine into Montana, the 2015 Legislature prohibited the transportation, possession, and hunting of feral swine.

There are no known established populations in Montana, although there are populations as close as North Dakota and Saskatchewan. Early detection and rapid response are the keys to success. Eradicating small populations and minimizing the impacts of these invasive species are important to protect the economy and natural resources of the region. If you see a feral swine, report it immediately.